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Welcome to fundzeta-shares.com

Fundzeta Shares is a standard cryptocurrency mining company that offers a high degree of profitable partnership to cryptocurrency investors through which they can legally earned Bitcoin. By joining Fundzeta Shares , investors acquire the legal right and secured way to earn Bitcoin through our cryptocurrency mining pool.The Bitcoin system have set a limit of total of 21 million bitcoins ,all these bitcoins are lying within the blockchain system.Most are already dug out or “mined,” and owned by different participants, while the rest are in the process of being mined and will eventually become available and by investing at Fundzeta Shares guarantees some of these bitcoins available for investors all throughout the globe .


our plans

our investment plans


Basic plan

20% after 12 Hours
mini deposit $40
maxi deposit $999
Principal Return


Golden Plan

50% after 24 Hours
Min deposit: $1000
Max deposit: $5999
Principal Return


Diamond plan

100% after 48 hours
Min deposit: $3000
Max deposit: $5999
Principal Return


Advance plan

150% After 72 Hours
Min deposit: $6000
Max deposit: $unlimited
Principal Return

Why choose us?

Why us?

We're Certified

Pyminer is a licensed and authorised mining pool and have achieved a global recognition.

We're Secure

Earning through cryptocurrency mining is the best and secured way to earn Bitcoin.

We're Profitable

With Pyminer , investors are assured of due reward from the daily reward of mining .

We Accept Crypto

Cryptocurrency is at the edge to end the monetary system of the modern world as we know today.

best support

Our support team are always online to provide you with all the support when needed .

We're global

We have gain a global recognition due to the quality mining partnership rendered at Pyminer.


Market highlights

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This company is standard cryptocurrency mining company where investors can earn Bitcoin through the legal and assured means of profiting the Blockchain Technology.Over the years ,we have been chosen by many all around the globe and have been recommended by many regulatory bodies for our quality mining pool and we are on the Mission to provide the right full and legal means of earning cryptocurrency through mining.Get rewarded ,join the mining network,join Fundzeta Shares today!.

5% Commissions

Reward for each Referral.

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